Soul Be It

What if, when you were born, you came with a set of instructions for your life that said, simply “Just be YOU – the best YOU you’re capable of BEing. Learn your lessons with grace, know that you are loved, remember to say please and thank you and laugh daily. Most of all, HAVE FUN!”?

Trouble is, we don’t come with instructions, and as children we are shaped by our experiences, the stories we inherit and create, and how we’ve been “conditioned” by our culture (including school, religion, family, media, relationships). As adults it’s up to us to find our way to fulfillment, health, purpose and happiness, as we rise to challenges and experience the ups and downs of everyday life.

As a soul counselor with a compulsion to find purpose, and an ongoing curiosity that had me asking “who am I?” since childhood, I’ve found what it means to uncover and live in alignment with my deeper drives, my core “Essence”, and create a feel-good life of purpose, love, and wellness. That is, after all, what we are all here to do and be.

If you’ve ever wondered about your own purpose, or why “life happens” the way it has for you, head over to Andorra’s Box, my personal blog where I share honest reflections about life struggles, healing, and embracing creative potential that leads to empowered living.


Posted December 1, 2011 by admin