EASE Coaching & Mentoring

With our thoughts we make the world.
— Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

What if you knew that you are the most powerful creator that ever lived? In fact you are creating your experiences all the time. Wouldn’t it be great to learn to harness the power of your body, mind and spirit to create the things you want vs. the things you don’t want?

EASE Coaching & Mentoring can help you find Clarity, Purpose and Fulfillment, by putting your life and circumstances in perspective and by strengthening your foundational gifts and talents. I can help illuminate what it takes to ease stress, confusion, and frustration by helping you manage your energy and choices  so that you can move into a life that gives you purpose and alignment. Using leading edge concepts that bridge science and spirituality, I will coach you with tools that harness the power of your mind and your ability to create the experiences you desire, whether that’s focused on health & lifestyle harmony, better relationships, or more satisfying work.

I offer coaching and mentoring options through the Emerge and Align to Your Soul Essence (EASE) program, which focuses on YOUR unique life journey, YOUR potential, and YOUR empowerment. Contact me now to receive your EASE Package.

EASE coaching asks 3 questions: Where are you now? Where to you want to be? And what’s standing in the way? We start with an EASE activation call, where you learn about the truth about your power. Then we review your goals, highlight your unique skills, talents, and aptitudes and begin mapping the actions to support achieving your goals. We address the belief systems, thoughts and energies that create harmony with achieving those goals, and I offer you invaluable tools to support your role as co-creator. We identify illusions of limitation as they arise and substitute more truthful beliefs that draw on your power as a creator and manifestor. This method aligns you with a path to success in any area in life – business, relationships, health, and more!

EASE mentoring sets up a sacred space for you to explore your spiritual life as it fits into your current circumstances. As your “Soul Mentor” I hold a space for your to explore the questions you have around what it means to integrate your spiritual self into life, and offer guidance and resources based on my training and own spiritual emergence and awakening journey. Topics may include:

  • religion and upbringing
  • the nature of “god”, source, the universe
  • the meaning of life
  • why am I here?
  • unity vs. separation
  • soul contracts
  • entering the mystery
  • connecting to the non-physical realms
  • the nature of synchronicity
  • judgment vs. acceptance
  • 2012 and beyond
  • universal laws
  • higher self connection
  • conscious co-creation and manifesting
  • and much more!

Contact me to find out more and I will send you your Emerge and Align to Your Soul Essence (EASE) information package.


Posted December 1, 2011 by admin