Akashic Records Preparation

Congratulations on seeking consultation with your Akashic Records!

The word “Akasha” is Sanskrit meaning sky, the heavens, ether and represents divine truth. Akashic Records are also known as the Book of Life, or Book of Knowledge in other mystical traditions.

The Records are often personified as existing in an energetic library in the Akashic Field, the realm of the collective levels of consciousness, scientifically known as the “zero point field”. They have been likened to a “sacred database”, “universal supercomputer”, and “the divine mind”.

Your Akashic Record is the energetic representation of your unique soul. It is the energetic blueprint of every thought, belief, emotion, and event your soul has ever experienced throughout lifetimes, dimensions, and planes.

Your Records hold the sacred account of your soul, with its themes and lessons and by accessing your Records, you have access to immense healing opportunities for aligning with the purest version of who you were born to be – your highest potential.

Records contain information about your relationships, choices, patterns, lessons, karma, past lives, soul contracts, and opportunities for healing and thriving in your life today. There are so many benefits to accessing your Records which include receiving clarity about your path, optimizing your health, reducing stress, improving confidence, increasing joy, reclaiming/optimizing personal power, and co-creating the life of your dreams, to name just a few.

Preparing for a Consultation:

Seeking a consultation for reading your Akashic Records is a sacred act, and is your soul’s way of saying “I’m ready to learn something new about myself”.

Take sufficient quiet time to go within and identify what you would like information on – it could be your purpose, your career, your relationship(s), your health, any big decisions you are facing, blocks to achieving goals, any conflicts you may be experiencing, your spirituality, patterns that do not serve you, or issues around money and abundance – these are just a few examples. Trust your intuition to guide you to the issues and questions that will serve your highest potential for healing.

Within 24 hours of your scheduled consultation, and preferably within the hour before, please set an intention for what you wish to experience during the consultation. For example, “Please let the information I receive today be for my highest and best life.” “Please help me learn the lessons attached to my relationship with _____” “Please help me learn what blocks me from <something I desire>”.

Our consultation will be one hour, in which you will pose up to three questions. I can only access your Records with your express permission, and once I have connected to your Records via your Record Keepers (your spiritual guides), we will engage in a dialogue based on your first question and the session will unfold organically based on our dialogue.

For consultations done over the phone or skype, please ensure you limit any distractions that may affect your concentration – turn of the phone, and other electrical devices (computer, radio, TV etc.) – and find a quiet private space to engage. Please ensure you have plenty of water to drink during the session.

NOTE: You may wish to take notes during our session, or record our consultation with an inexpensive voice recorder.

Posted May 11, 2012 by admin