Kind Words

“Before working with Andra I was stressed out, confused and swirling in my patterns.  She helped me gain new perspectives by seeing that life’s obstacles were opportunities for change and personal growth. I was able to find compassion for myself and where I’m at in my journey and gain clarity and direction for moving forward. Spending time with Andra allowed me to see the universe through different eyes where everyday life can be seen as an opportunity.  I really enjoyed my time with Andra and highly recommend her gifts be experienced by everyone.”  ~ L. Peacock, Founder of Essential Inspirations

“I am so blessed to have you in my life, guiding and coaching me along this new & sometimes uncertain path. Thank you for making this journey so much more powerful, meaningful and fun than if I’d gone down it alone. In fact, I’m not sure that I’d gone down it at all without your guidance. Bliss bliss bliss!”    ~ Maho H., Tokyo, Japan

“Andra has been instrumental in having me become aware of the best practices to manage my energy on a day to day basis. She has shown me to view myself from a different lens that allows me to grow and flourish in a different way than I had ever imagined.  Her gentle and caring nature creates a safe environment for a transformation to occur. I truly do feel like a butterfly when working with her.”   ~ Manpreet Dhillon, Essence Coach,
“My work with Andra changed my life in putting me on the path to healing.  Andra is incredibly knowledgeable about energy healing, psychotherapy, the power of choice, and the universal forces working through our lives.  I can’t begin to describe how much I learned from Andra during our work together.  She is a natural and wonderful teacher.  I left every session feeling inspired and energized with so many powerful ideas to reflect on and learn more about.  She exudes peace, purpose, and compassion.  She taps into what is really going on her clients and offers meaningful feedback on how we can learn to move forward in our spiritual lives.  She illuminated my life during a dark period and showed me how to light my own way forward in my spiritual journey.”   ~ Sandy, Toronto, Ontario
“Andra is the real deal.  She is a heart-felt soul healer.  You leave feeling better than when you walked in.”   ~ T.B.
“I am a Chinese undergraduate student and I have been living with the onset of depression for the past 3 years. I was unable to trust people, had trouble to connecting to people, and always suspected that others would judge me based on every detail of my behavior. These fears were all symptoms of deep rooted thoughts that I’m worthless and do not deserve love. I knew I was hurting myself and others, and was keeping everyone away because I was unable to love myself and set proper boundaries.  I knew all of this in theory, but energetically I just couldn’t shift the beliefs — until after I booked a Heart Chakra Crystal Grid Treatment with Andra at The Rock Store.  She has an aura that’s really relaxing, and her presence seems so incredibly wise. I felt I could trust her beyond all doubts.  Before the session, I set an intention to let go of old pain in my heart, and open to learning to love myself.  After the treatment, within minutes, I felt peaceful and confident. Now weeks after the treatment, I am truly starting to love myself and am ready to reclaim my own power – I want to live a fabulous life! Since spending some time with Andra in the crystal grid, and attending some of her meditations and talks, I am now striving for self-love every minute of everyday. It was Andra who gave me a major acceleration for a shift, so I thank her with all my heart. My experience was truly powerful and I recommend everyone who is seeking healing to go see her.”                       ~ G. Wang, Toronto, Ontario 
“I initially met Andra during a guided meditation.  I was intrigued by her presence so I decided to book an Akashic Record Consultation, which then led me  further into spiritual coaching.  I sought out each experience with Andra with ease and trust because I knew she was guiding the way. Andra has a welcoming gentle and positive energy that enveloped me and allowed me to open up about the hardest things in my life, my greatest insecurities, guilt and shame; things I have never spoken about.  This facilitated great healing.  She listened to my intentions and goals and wasted no time facilitating and inspiring change.  She helped me to see, and most of all remember, that the universe is on my side and it only gets better from here!  I continue to see Andra – she has become my guide/coach/mentor on my spiritual journey. I look forward to tapping into her vast knowledge base for valuable teachings I could never find in any traditional therapy session, which tend to ignore the needs of the ‘soul’.  Andra offers ‘soul healing’ which is in my opinion the true path to peace and freedom!”   ~ Karen, Toronto, Ontario
“Andra as an excellent leader for guided meditations. Her topics are always appropriate for the themes of the meditation, and she creates good grounding while allowing for exploratory freedom.  In the few conversations I have had with Andra, she was open, sensitive, friendly and warm.  I highly recommend her – a welcoming spirit!”   ~ Linda Beth, Painter, Poet, Photographer, Toronto, Ontario,
“Ever since Andra’s guided Angelic Heart Meditation, I have been very connected to the angelic realm and feel them surrounding me, see them and everything! Thank you! You rock!”   ~ Kathy T., Toronto, Ontario

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