Q: What do you actually do?

A: As a holistically focused counselor and coach, everything starts with phone call to discuss your situation and goals. Clients contact me for a variety of reasons: dealing with difficult relationships, feelings of confusion and mild anxiety, money issues, feelings of a depressed mood, feelings that they want to make changes in their life but don’t know how, feeling ‘stuck’, or simply wanting to understand their life purpose.

Because I am trained and skilled in psycho-spiritual therapeutic techniques and life skills coaching, I understand how our past informs and shapes our present circumstances. So when challenges lead to feelings of dissatisfaction in life, there is immense opportunity for change – to heal the past while building desires, skills and strategies for more purposeful and joyful living.

Sessions, whether done in person or over the phone/Skype, always begin with dialogue, then depending on the length of time we partner, may include energetic healing services. All sessions focus on aligning to perspectives that support your most joyous and meaningful path.

I also offer workshops and monthly meditations at The Rock Store in Toronto.

Q: What’s your #1 specialty?

A: I love helping people find meaning in life and finding their way to personal empowerment, no matter what has happened in their life. I help people navigate change – many people have difficulty with change because it takes us away from the familiar – so as a former change management professional, I understand the inherent and powerful opportunities change brings!  This can connect us to deep desires and sense of purpose, as we heal the past, learn how to manage stress, and live from a place of empowered choice that promotes wellbeing and creative expression.

I also love helping people connect to their spirituality and make room for it in their lives. So for those wishing to partner to discover their soul purpose, sessions may begin with opening a client’s Akashic Records. This brings clarity to current life circumstances and leads to opportunities to cultivate joy and purpose.

Q: How are you different than a psychiatrist or psychologist?

A: I see clients that do not require clinical or medical interventions or lengthy treatments. Psychiatrists require a medical degree with specialization in psychiatry and are qualified to dispense drugs. Psychologists require at least PhD level training in psychology.

I have an Honours BA in Psychology plus specialization and certification in Life Skills Coaching, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Direction, Akashic Records Consulting, and Gateway Dreaming Facilitation. I have also invested the past 20+ years to my own personal development journey, have undergone periods of focused healing and education, and am committed to ongoing education so that I can be of best service to you (for more info on my credentials, go here).

The core of my services centre around cultivating holistic living, and positive psychology, which focuses on what people need to thrive in life vs. analyzing what’s wrong.

Q: How do you define your relationship with clients?

A: I am interested in understanding what is causing you to struggle or stay stuck, and helping you find meaningful ways to move forward. This can take one session or many, depending on the complexity of your circumstances – the average length of coaching is usually at least 6 months. Personal growth takes commitment and is not a quick-fix. This allows for deep healing, learning of new habits, and integration of the powerful shifts you will experience, all while being supported via our relationship. At all times, I offer deep listening, non-judgment, and solution-focused reflections of the opportunities you have to meet your goals. With every client I have ever partnered with, I see potential and wholeness, despite how they are experiencing life in the moment.

Q: How will I know if I am successful, or feel better?

A: This is personal for each client, and before we engage in any process, we determine together what your measures of success will look and feel like.  Part of the journey is connecting to your heart’s wisdom, where deep transformation occurs. Success and transformation are dependent on awareness and taking responsibility for your circumstances, acceptance, and taking actions that support wellbeing. I will do my best to offer support, tools, and healing techniques that create healthy expectations and outcomes. Customized programs for treatment and transformational coaching will have measures of success built in.

Q: What’s your privacy policy?

A: All client interactions are kept in the strictest of confidence. If I need to discuss your issues with a colleague or supervisor (for additional support for you), your full name will never be disclosed. Confidentiality is only compromised if I learn of circumstances that threaten your safety or safety of others – this is part of my legal obligation as a mental health professional.

Q: What happens if I get worse or do not feel better?

A: Much of the work we do focuses on perspective, with the agreement to hold positive outcomes for well-being as the highest intention. Our work includes practices, homework and taking small, do-able actions that move you in the right direction. It is always up to you to take these actions. If you continue to struggle after being coached I can offer referrals to other professionals or services that may be better aligned to your circumstance. I believe we all have the power to create better circumstances through inspired actions, and shifting perspectives from what’s wrong, to what’s the opportunity to heal and grow? Just know that one of my mantras is “Expect the best!”

Q: What makes your work ‘spiritual’?

A: I believe life offers us mystery and challenges that help us find our way to healing, meaning, purpose, and peace. This belief stems from my own struggles in the earlier parts of my life, my ongoing quest to find peace and purpose, and my ‘soul experiments’ that have shown me how powerful I am as a creator. I have experienced extraordinary phenomenon that leads me to believe there is more to life than meets the eye, and I know from personal experience that there is a link between my thoughts and perceptions and my ability to lead the life I want. I also believe there is something greater than my body and mind that guides me, and moves healing energy through my hands when I am doing personal healing work with clients and animals.

Q: Do I have to see you in person?

A: No – all of my services are available over the telephone or Skype. I am also open to discussing email mentoring if you ask me. If you are in the Toronto area, I offer services at The Rock Store – see www.therockstore.ca


Note: If you are looking for a new professional or therapist to assist you with life management issues, please exercise discernment, ask lots of questions and count on personal referrals.

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