An Invitation from Andra

Do you have…

  1. A desire to connect to your purpose?
  2. A desire to heal what’s not working in your life so you can move into joy?
  3. A desire to reduce stress and anxiety?
  4. A desire to connect with your intuition and spiritual guidance?
  5. A desire to simply feel better about your life & where it is headed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to act on that “Yes!”

As children, we have infinite capacity for joy, but if that was not nurtured fully by our caregivers or was dampened by life circumstances that chipped away at our spirit, then you may have a limited perspective that keeps you from knowing what good things are possible for you.

The good news is that the brain has the ability to re-wire itself (neural plasticity), so it’s never too late to nurture new pathways to joy, pleasure, laughter, sensuality, creative intelligence and confidence! And that’s done through emotional clearing and illuminating the truth about who you are as a divine human being. And that’s what my service is all about.

We are living in very special times and there has never been a better time for you take your life in the direction of your desires, no matter how old you are. It’s time to place your happiness and peace of mind as a priority so you can harness your deep-seated power (that you may not even know that you have), and live a life of meaning, inspiration, and purpose.

So if this stirs something in you let’s connect!

Posted July 22, 2012 by admin