About Andra

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is
the act of creating yourself”
~Deepak Chopra

Soul Expressions is here to give you personal and professional coaching & mentoring when you feel ‘stuck’, stressed out, or uncomfortable with the life you have. Through private sessions, classes, and workshops designed to educate, inform, heal and inspire enlightened change, Soul Expressions helps you move forward with confidence, clarity, and commitment so you can live a life that feels good to your body, mind and soul.

How Soul Expressions was born….

I thought I had a good life not so long ago, you know? Great pay, engaging career, my own home, active social life… I was enjoying the fruits of my labour. I had some freedom in life, as I wasn’t married, and didn’t have children, so most of my energy went into being a driven woman,  committed to professional and personal development and ongoing education as I aimed to make the world a better place through what called me to be of service.

The trouble was, my career became my life and I was struggling with stress, anxiety, boredom, losing my creativity, NO time or energy for my relationships, and NOT ENOUGH of what made me feel alive.

By the time I entered my 40’s, I began noticing that the things that mattered to me started to change. So I started giving myself a personal and professional reality check about what I wanted in life. I faced some hard truths – I was burned out, over-worked, and over-stimulated from over 20 years working in fast-paced, high-stress business environments. Once a vibrant and vital young woman, I had grown into a tired and stressed out bore. I felt psychically disoriented, lost, and on the edge of a dark night of the soul.

Exhausted, with a fatigued nervous system, I questioned how I got to this place – my life felt inauthentic. My creativity and sense of making a ‘meaningful contribution’ in life had gone the way-side in exchange for material success and recognition. Yuck.

I really wanted to shake things up – I wanted and needed change, I wanted to pursue other things. I wondered if I was at the beginning of the proverbial mid-life crisis. I needed help.

I needed to repair my body and my mind, so leaned into learning about holistic health.  For my mind, I sunk into Buddhist teachings and eastern philosophy. I began a yoga and meditation practice, and committed to improving my health on all levels.

As I started to see and feel the results of amping up my self-care, and as my health improved, something in my psyche started to shift – what was I doing with my life? I asked: “What do I even care about?”

So I took a ‘time-out’: I left my job, disconnected from the ‘matrix’ (technology), and slowed down. I traveled along the west coast of Canada and the U.S. and really indulged a growing desire for freedom. Through my yoga and meditation practice, and sojourning through the Rockies, splashing in mountain lakes, and taking in the beauty along a wild Pacific coast, I reconnected to nature, my natural rhythms, and my inner voice. I relaxed into what became sweet medicine to my tired heart and soul.

My ‘inner compass’ started to re-calibrate – it felt like I was on a quest – I had no plan except to surrender to what was calling me. According to some of my elder teachers, I later learned that I was responding to an impulse to follow my “spirit walk” – this meant I needed to heed the soul whispers I felt/heard when I asked questions like, “what do I do now? what is my life all about?”

Soon a playful spirit emerged out of me, and I called this part of my journey “Andra’s Reinvention Project″, also known as my “Cosmic Time-Out”.

(That’s me below, somewhere in the middle of my time-out, blissed out with my feet in Lake Louise, taking in the splendorous sights, sounds, smells and other sensations that so nourished my spirit.)


What followed what nothing short of magic, as I followed my gut instincts, zeroed in on my desires, and allowed help into my life. My soul whispers were telling me to go back to school, heal my bruised heart and spirit, and brush up on my counseling and coaching skills so that I could help others like me. I simply had to let go, trust the process, get honest about what wasn’t working – then allow a shamanic initiation to re-connect me to my core gifts and skills, while re-defining what success meant. I had to re-awaken my Inner Artist and Inner Goddess, let my spiritual gifts land, and take some risks that might make some uncomfortable –  I even published my ‘time-out’ story in the best-selling book Embracing Your Authentic Self.

In hindsight, I had to be willing for a new chapter of my life story to evolve and emerge as I committed to my own sense of wellness.

And Ta-Da! Soul Expressions was born.

Zoom to today, now into my 50’s, and you’ll find a creative, intuitive ‘Soul Whisperer’ – aka a Soul-Based Life Coach with a big bag of experience, knowledge, wisdom, tools, ideas, and insights about leading a successful ‘soul-inspired’ life. Now, I get to use my vast professional and personal development combined with extensive education and training in psychology, change management, and the healing arts to help others who are struggling like I was (click here to see the details).

Gone are the health issues that came from stress, as my life today is founded on holistic living, reclaiming power, and connecting deeply to the things that matter most to me – family and relationships, creative expression, philanthropy, and healing the earth and the world soul.

Nothing gives me greater joy and meaning than sharing the tools and wisdom that come from honouring ‘soul growth’ – and that is what Soul Expressions is all about, helping YOU manage the changes that come from your urges to heal and feel better about your life.

Soul Expressions is founded on an essential belief that ‘soulful simplicity’ and healing with beauty are but 2 keys to peace, joy and purpose. We need to get quiet and connect to nature, because in this noisy wired world we live in, it’s easy to lose the voice of the soul. Soul Expressions helps you connect to that voice so that you can create your life the way YOU want right from where you are now – authentically and according to the true you underneath what’s not working in your current life.

That means if we work together, I’m going to teach you how to breathe properly. I’m going to teach how to shake things off. I’m going to teach how to rest, and to dream.

And part of your homework will be to go listen to the wind and see what the trees have to say. I may even recommend some crystal therapy. Yup.

It’s time to give your soul a voice.

Are YOU ready to live from your Soul Expression? Let’s chat…

Namaste & In Lak’ech

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